CREDIT CARD SLEEVES Protect your credit cards. Protective sleeve.

Your credit cards could be at risk !

Slide them into a protective sleeve

Aviod Electronic Pickpockets

You won't know until it's to late

Protect your Credit Cards

You have seen these machines at convenience stores. Maybe you have used one. You just place your credit card close to them and "Wha-la" it charges your credit card. Electronic pickpockets get your credit card information just by walking close to you.

Credit card protectors fit inside your pocket book or wallet. Credit card protective sleeve blocks the transmission of High Frequency 13.56 MHz or UHF 860-960 MHz Frequencies used by contactless credit & debit cards. Made from proprietary adhesives and layers of substrates that block the RFID transmission of personal data.

Sleeve Dimensions: 2 1/4" X 3 3/8"

Protective credit card sleeves.A contactless credit card is different from an ordinary credit card. A contactless credit card uses RFID technology to store information about your account and to transfer it to the merchant. IT'S THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE! Standard credit cards carry data on a magnetic strip; when the card is swiped against a reader, the data is transferred. It is expected that, by the end of 2006, between 35 and 50 million contactless cards will be in use in the United States at as many as 50,000 merchant locations.

RFID-based credit cards, ID badges, passports and keychain passes are designed to be brought close to a reader. The reader has an antenna that emits radio waves; the tag responds by sending back its data. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses communication via electromagnetic waves to exchange data between a terminal and an electronic tag attached to an object, for the purpose of identification and tracking. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader.

One Protective Sleeve: $3.22 each  
Five Protective Sleeves: $2.95 each  
Ten Protective Sleeves: $2.55 each  

Credit Card Protection Video MythBusters and RFID chip. Promote your business with protective credit card sleeves.

"How Stuff Works" Identity Theft Free Credit Report Credit Card Skimming Home

Scary facts and figures about Identity Theft

Literally hundreds of thousands of people have fallen victim to some unscrupulous person looking for an easy way to get something-for-nothing. The latest figure I've been able to verify is "over 13,000,000 from 2001 - 2006", Jan-Dec of each year. Many cases are never reported because it might cause embarrassment to a family member (the thief) or it's resolved privately. 16% say it was a friend, relative or co-worker who stole their identity.

  • In 34% of the cases, someone obtained credit card info, forged a card in their name and used it to make purchases.
  • 11% lost or had their wallet/purse stolen, using the identity to create a new identity for themselves.
  • 10 % had charge accounts opened in stores in their name with purchases made as them.
  • 7% said it was a bank account opened or forged checks, getting money from the account.
  • Only 15% are alerted by the bank or credit card company; 85% find out when the damage is done and possibly, irrevocable.
  • Even those who were warned early have taken longer to eliminate negative information from credit reports.
  • 100% of all victims reported an emotional impact parallel to victims of violent crimes.
  • It is possible for several people to use your SSN without your knowledge
  • Approx. seven million illegal immigrants are using stolen SSNs and paying Social Security taxes.
  • Their payroll tax contributions total close to $7 Billion yearly.
  • That contribution added about 10% to last year's surplus.
  • These illegal immigrants see Social Security withholding taxes as a cost of working in the USA.
  • Your medical benefits can be compromised when others are using your personal information.
  • Your driver's license and insurance are at risk for points given for traffic violations, accidents or even DUI (DWI).
  • The IRS can tax you on ALL income reported under your SSN; you're left to prove you didn't work for those employers.
  • The IRS sends incorrect or fictitious SSNs to the Social Security Administration every year. These taxes are put into the "Earnings Suspense File". It now totals over $189,000,000,000.
  • Falsely using a stolen SSN is a felony in this country.
  • The SSA cannot notify you when someone else is using your number; they can only write to ask you to check your own number and verify it at the nearest Social Security office.
  • And the least known fact of all - children's SSNs are stolen most often.

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